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You not gonna see this on the news tho. #ferguson #justiceformike #ripmikebrown #stlriots #stl #stlcountypd



how do other white people manage to feel so persecuted on tumblr that they need to make a fucking half-assed photoset about it on the daily like the worst i’ve ever seen is ‘why can’t white people handle spicy food’ and i just read it like ‘yeah. yeah you’re right. i’m white and i buy mild salsa. you got me’ 

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y’all ever realize how on ancestry.com commercials

they never go back further than 1865



what happened?

afraid to see what’s hanging out in your family trees?

y’all ain’t slick

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Dear white people, please have all the seats. Y’all make all kinds of excuses to use the n-word, to call me a chink, to tell my brown friends to go back to their country, to make them apologize for 9/11, tell me to get over racism cuz ‘slavery ended 400 years ago’, tell me that ‘I’m just appreciating Indians by wearing this headdress’, oh, but the second BuzzFeed makes a post about liking Starbucks we’re being racist and perpetuating stereotypes. Oh. Okay. That’s cool. You have your television shows and music videos and billboard ads and magazine covers and movies that feature 99.99% white people but the second that I step up and ask if I can have a t.v. show that positively represents Asians I’m asking for too much. That’s just too much to handle right now what with all the white people blazoned across every media outlet. And before any of you think about responding with some baseless comment like, “These stereotypes are really bad; they reinforce segregation” just know that no one is killing you for these stereotypes. It does not affect you getting a job, or being objectified. Your ancestors erased entire histories and communities and you benefit from this so don’t try and read me because I made a joke about you wearing Uggs and liking Starbucks.

Edit: One more thing, don’t use the ‘we’re all human’ excuse or the ‘I have a/n (insert race here) friend’ or the ‘I don’t see colour’ argument. Yes, we’re all human, but our life experiences are different, your small group of (insert race here) friends doesn’t mean you can say whatever slur you want, and ignoring colour invalidates and delegitmizes people’s identity, history, and stories, just cuz you don’t wanna talk about it.


Sean Kua

Comment from a buzzfeed post “

29 Tumblr Posts About White People That Will Make You Sip Your Tea” and my gosh he preaching 

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I saw that post and the SO MANY HURT FEELINGS of whiny white people. Fellow whites: Cut that shit out. See also #29 on that list: “Generalizations of white people don’t get them killed.”

Renisha McBride died at the hands of a racist white man (and countless other people of color at the hands of other racist white men, who generally had the support of the white women around them) and you feel equally entitled to be angry because someone made fun of you for liking shows about serial killers and eating bland food. Get over it.

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Parents of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis Share Their Loss at the United Nations

Sitting in meetings in the United Nation’s ornate Wilson Palace by the shores of Lake Geneva in the shadow of the Alps seems an odd place to discuss racial discrimination in the United States.
But the problems of racial discrimination quickly hit home at an event earlier this week that hosted the parents of Travon Martin and Jordan Davis, two unarmed young black men killed by armed white men claiming to be acting in self-defense. Made all the more powerful as it came on the heels of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., their affecting and often harrowing testimony immediately erased the distance between Switzerland and the United States. It made the discrimination present and underscored the importance of the work being done here at the U.N.’s review of the U.S. record of racial discrimination.

Read more here. 

YASSS!!! The world needs call the US out on its shit!!!

This pleases Me!
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We were forced to learn about all of these white people rebellions in school




but yall can’t go a few days hearing about our revolution without transforming into your natural bigoted forms



Show me the lies.

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"hello police… yeah i need you to come over here right now these indecent THUGS are acting indecent… i think she’s reaching for his gun, please hurry"

i started adasffuckin cryin lmao jesus christ lmaoooooooooooo  jesus hahahaha oh my god lmao lmao LMAO jeusus