"White wealth is stolen wealth. White wealth is based on the use of the free labor of our great grandparents, and the parents before them; just completely stolen. Captive wealth, brutalized wealth, enslaved wealth. And somehow we still think they are deserving of the money. Amazing attitude. This wealth is based on the colonization of African countries. The industrial revolution of Europe based upon the molasses of Jamaica, based upon the sugar crops of Jamaica. The wealth of the white South Africans and Europeans today based upon the gold, diamond, oil, and minerals taken right out of the African country, and yet we have nerve enough to think that these people are deserving of that wealth. And we have nerve enough to think that we are undeserving and that it should not belong to us."

Dr. Amos N. Wilson (via disciplesofmalcolm)

And they have nerve enough to be proud of it. 

(via nezua)

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This shot is literally gorgeous. It confuses the fuck out of me, that this doesn’t have more notes. This woman is flawless.
But I guess if she were of a lighter complexion with freckles…

"Smart girls are the overthinkers, the insecure ones, the different ones. They know what the real world is like. They analyze every little thing in life. Why? To avoid getting hurt. To find happiness. They stay up at night trying to think about every possible situation to get through all the problems. They think too much. They trust fewer people. Their insecurity proves their respect toward themselves. Of course they try to live away from a drama-filled life. Smart girls know their worth. Now those are the ones worth keeping by your side."unknown (via officialbeyonceknowles)

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Anonymous: You act like people can't be bullied for being white or lightskin. Plenty lightskin girls share stories about being bullied by darkskin girls.


Sure. That’s why the majority of the stories about being bullied are whitewashed. That’s why when you hear about kids being bullied, they’re usually white. They’ll say, “It’s because they’re gay.” They’ll even say it’s because they’re girls who were being slut-shamed. But race never really intersects, does it? No one is bullied for being black and gay? Or black and “slutty” with a big ass? According to our white-centric media, yes. People hardly document the many times children have been bullied for being black or dark-skinned in spite of celebrities and random people coming out to say otherwise when it comes to their childhood.

  Instead, we have to listen to these privileged light-skinned people (usually women) who bring up stories about having their privileged mocked by darker skinned children in elementary school. And we’re supposed to pretend it’s the same thing as being told you’re worthless just for your existence? And I guarantee those light-skinned girls who state they were bullied for being light-skinned with long, straight/curly hair were solely picked on by dark-skinned girls. They more than likely weren’t tormented by the boys unlike dark-skinned girls are.     

   You see, not only do dark-skinned girls have to face the wrath from mean light-skinned girls, but also black boys of all shades. And it also makes them the target for violence against girls and women. Which makes me wonder if these privileged light-skinned girls with beauty privilege truly care about what dark-skinned girls think about them. If they truly wanted to be their friends or if they’re just bringing those incidents up to play this victim complex of being wronged by the “mean” darkies. And a lot do that to divert their own privilege and contribution to dark-skinned girls’ oppression. They almost never admit their role in dark skin oppression and how they benefit from colorism. Many just use isolated cases of bullying to make it seem like “colorism” goes both ways. Not caring if those “mean” dark-skinned girls have to go home to face abusive parents who tell them they’re worthless. Not caring if they’re being told they’re ugly by the opposite sex or having family members tell them they’re not as good as they’re lighter skinned sister or cousin. So do they really care about the opinions of those “jealous” and “mean” darkies as they proclaim? Doubt it.

   They only care about the moment their privilege is absent when they’re with a group of dark-skinned girls. But let’s pretend dark-skinned black children don’t have a higher susceptibility to being bullied and abused than the “pretty” mixed and light-skinned children. Let’s act like there aren’t stories from people like Viola Davis, Lupita, Kelly Rowland, Amara, and many others talking about they were made fun of based on the color of their skin. And guess what? It follows them even after high school. It’s the real world. They are bullied for the very same reasons they are oppressed.

   A white or light-skinned person being bullied isn’t bullied for being “oppressed.” It’s usually due to the backlash of their own privilege. But in the black community, we focus bullying more on the “Eurocenric/light-skint” aspect of it versus those who are truly seen as the “outcasts.” It’s no different than focusing bullying all privileged white children instead of poc in the mainstream. As I’ve said before, dark-skinned girls get beat up, abused, and made fun of all time (someone even said they’re victims of cyber-bullying as a whole), but people only care about “colorism” when light-skinned girls are the victims. But I get it. People only care about colorism when it’s convenient.

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I will not stop reblogging this because this shit was both hilarious and true


You know what?

I don’t care if being a lesbian isn’t natural.

Its 2014. Oreos don’t have a single natural ingredient in them that isn’t distilled out of recognition. People get their vegetables from cans. They have made cruelty-free, lab-grown BACON. People fly around in big, metal machines.


Not natural. Is not bad.

Your rhetoric is no longer a valid excuse for hate.

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White people get mad over things like the picture of one direction walking on abbey road, or wearing a band t shirt when you don’t listen to the music, calling it “disrespectful” but when it comes to cultural appropriation and stealing marginalized people’s most sacred traditions, they’re like “oh, we’re just appreciating your culture, stop getting so angry” while throwing paint at each other and prancing around in cheap, craft store, feather headdresses

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a very intimidating middle class family is staring me down in panera bread because i put mac and cheese on my baguette

update: i told them that staring is rude and that i would eat anything on this baguette including their small child

you are everything i aspire to be

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